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Allergies and Fatigue

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For allergy sufferers,  decreased alertness and a general sense of fatigue during allergy season seems to go hand in hand. Most people drink extra coffee or energy drinks to get them through the day. But they all want to know -What is it about allergy symptoms that are frequently associated with just plain feeling tired?

First, we know that about one third of allergy sufferers have some sleep difficulties as a result of “nasal blockage and congestion.”  When their symptoms are not well controlled, they are more likely to have sleep issues.  There is also a known link between allergies and the condition sleep apnea.

Second, many allergy sufferers reach for over the counter medications for their seasonal allergy symptoms, and some of these can cause drowsiness. Alternatively, those who use oral decongestants may experience a negative impact on staying asleep due to “insomnia-like” effects.

Lastly, snoring can cause poor quality sleep. Snoring can be due to pronounced nasal and sinus obstruction – from allergy symptoms as well as structural problems like deviated septum.

Inadequate sleep contributes significantly to a reduction in the quality of life. Did you know that snoring, as well as sleep disordered breathing, can lead to decreased learning in the classroom and even lower IQ?   What’s the solution? Get the right treatment to control your seasonal and indoor allergies, so you can breathe better at night and have better quality rest. Break the cycle, get treated successfully, and sleep better – eventually you won’t even need that extra latte!