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Low Back and Leg Pain Causes

By March 28, 2018 January 28th, 2020 No Comments

Many people have pain in their low back that extends down into one or both legs. One of the possible causes for this pain can be a locked up pelvis.

The pelvis is designed to move up and down and forward and backwards as your body moves. When you try to get up from a sitting position and the pelvis is locked up, it will not move properly or not move at all. This lack of movement will cause an irritation of the nerves and cause a sharp pain over the sacro-iliac region that can refer pain down the side of your thigh.

I see this condition in patients who have to do a lot of sitting at their job, or who have been sitting for an extended period of time during a car trip. Over time, the butt (gluteus) muscles become tight from not moving and this can eventually cause the joint to lock up. I also see this condition when a person tries to stand up quickly after being in a flexed position over a period of time as in gardening or cleaning house.

I would treat you by giving you a Chiropractic adjustment. using a specialized drop table or high speed instrument which will help restore proper motion to your pelvis. Restricted joint motion causes Type IV pain receptors to continually fire impulses to the brain, and Voila, you feel PAIN! A  chiropractic adjustment increases joint motion, thereby decreasing pain fibers from firing impulses to the brain. That’s why Chiropractic is so effective in relieving joint pain. Proper Join Motion Relieves Pain! I would also perform  neuromuscular re-education. Neuromuscular re-education locates restrictions and adhesions in the muscles that are specifically related to abnormal motion. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments are released by applying deep pressure to all of the muscles involved and the specific joint(s) involved. And then, I would give you specific exercises to reinforce the treatment and help prevent future episodes.