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Subluxation – The Silent Killer

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Your central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is responsible for sending messages to every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body. This communication is made possible by the information super-highway of your body, your nerve system. This vast communication network is in charge of virtually every function in your body and determines whether you enjoy good health or dis-ease. Subluxation

The central nervous system is so important that nature built an armor of protection around it, your skull and spinal column. However, even with this inborn protection, your nervous system is susceptible to interference when the spine gets misaligned. We call this interference to your nerve system a Subluxation.

Subluxations can have devastating effects on your overall health and well-being. Our primary goal is to detect and correct the subluxations that are interfering with your nerve system and health thus allowing your body to heal and establish a healthier you.

Subluxations share heart diseases nick name – “The Silent Killer”.  This is because of their nature of not causing any pain until they are quite progressed. With heart disease, the first symptom is often a fatal heart attack (i.e. death).

Although subluxations usually go undetected for years, they still deteriorate your overall health potential. The good news is, they can usually be corrected before it’s too late.

You have your eyes checked. Your teeth checked. Even your blood pressure checked. How about your spine and nerve system?  There is a much more important reason to get your spine checked for subluxations than just simple neck & back pain.

All individuals of all ages should be checked for subluxations. Have your family checked for nerve interference (subluxations) today. To schedule an appointment call The Gibson Center today at (479) 587-0250.