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You’re Wearing that Wallet All Wrong

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On 6/29/2017 | By Chiro One Wellness Centers

We know it sounds odd, but most people aren’t using or wearing their wallet properly, and it’s putting their spine at risk. And ladies, you’re not off the hook—you’re probably not wearing your purse properly either.

Wallets: What’s Wrong and How to Fix it

Problem: Many people—men mostly—carry a wallet in their back pocket, and often it’s a bulky wallet. Sitting on a wallet can raise one side of your hip anywhere from ¼ to 2 inches, causing your body to lean to one side or the other which creates an imbalance. Any imbalance in the body, specifically to the spine, can cause early and abnormal degeneration of joints and other tissues.

Think of it this way: Sitting on your wallet is similar to wearing a high heel on one foot and a flip flop on the other.

Solution: The best option is to carry your wallet in your front pocket—even if your wallet is slender. It’ll take some retraining to get used to this, but it’s worth it in the end.

If you just can’t make the switch and you want to keep your wallet in your back pocket, remove excess items or switch to a slimmer style of wallet. And always remove your wallet when you’ll be sitting for extended periods of time—when in the car, at your desk, etc.


Purses: What’s Wrong and How to Fix it

Problem: Similarly to wallets, purses can also wreak havoc on your spine and create posture problems. Often the shoulder on which you carry your purse will be visibly higher than the other; it’s used to being weighed down—so without your purse it tends to pull upwards.

Any habitual action that is one-sided is going to cause a balance issue. When you hold your purse on one side, you’re activating certain muscle groups for an extended period of time. It’s like walking around with a dumbbell in one hand for the majority of the day—and never switching to the other side.

Solution: When carrying a purse, the best fix is to go hands-free and opt for a purse or bag that has a strap across your chest. Always switch sides from time-to-time. Remember to keep heavier items out of your bag. If you’re carrying a purse in your hands, make a conscious effort to switch from your right to left hand every so often.