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What causes headaches?

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People contact our clinic and say they have suffered from headaches and want to know what I can do to help them.   They have usually tried over the counter medications, and when that didn’t help, they visited their medical doctor who put them on pain killers, muscle relaxants, anti-depressants, Beta blockers, or hormone therapy.  After a while, they find they still have headaches, but now also suffer with stomach pains, constipation and nausea.

Know this – headache are not caused by a deficiency of drugs; therefore, drugs are not the answer!   We have to find the underlying cause of your headaches.  Some causes may be sinus or eye problems, vascular irregularities, food allergies, or hypoglycemia.  However, the most common cause of headaches is issues with your cervical spine (neck).  It can be as simple as muscular tension in your neck from chronic stress to as severe as a traumatic injury to your neck such as whiplash.

The cause can only be found after a thorough examination of your neck.  Once I complete my examination, I develop a specialized treatment plan based on what I find. The plan will include specific spinal adjustments with my hands or a precision instrument, which will restore normal motion to your cervical spine, decreases muscle spasms, and decreases inflammation in your joints and muscles.

It also may include Trigger Point therapy, which can relieve your headache by releasing very tight and restricted muscles in your neck. I also may recommend Acupuncture, which helps your body produce endorphins (natural pain relievers) and balances energy flow, or Cold Laser therapy, which helps decrease inflammation and allows the body to naturally heal.  I may counsel you on diet issues that might be triggering your headaches, or recommend we test and treat you for food or chemical sensitivities that can trigger headaches using our Bax Aura system.

Headaches do not have to be a way of life, and drugs are not the answer.  Give my office a call at 479-587-0227 to schedule a consultation with me to discuss way I can help you with your headaches.