Computer Work and Neck Pain

By September 5, 2017 January 28th, 2020 No Comments

Patients have come in with complaints of  neck pain, constant burning and aching between their shoulder blades,  and stiffness in their shoulders. When  questioned about their daily routine, they will say they spend all day at a computer. What many people do not realize is shoulder and neck problems develop from sitting at a desk because it lends itself to poor posture.

We tend to slouch,  and our head goes out in front of our shoulders (aka. head forward posture).  If this posture is maintained,  over time  you will develop tight muscles and spinal nerve stress.  Spinal nerve stress can lead to symptoms like numbness, tingling, burning and pain.

Aspirin, Tylenol,  and Advil (NSAIDS) work on inflammation but they do nothing for the spinal nerve stress, muscular imbalance, or poor posture.  In fact, NSAIDS can create a much bigger problem –  GI bleeding and arthritis.

Chiropractic helps to remove the spinal nerve stress and restore better motion in your joints.  Trigger point therapy on your muscles will help by relaxing the muscle.  Dry Sauna Therapy before a chiropractic treatment will help your muscles warm up and relax. That way you receive more benefit from the treatment.  The Dry Sauna will dilate the peripheral blood vessels and flush out inflammatory chemicals which can relieve joint and muscle pain.

There are ways to continue working at a computer and avoid neck pain.