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Fight Allergies with Food!

By May 16, 2017 January 28th, 2020 No Comments

By Chiro One Wellness Centers

While the best all-natural treatment for allergy symptoms is chiropractic (in our humble opinion, of course), there are some ways you can decrease your stuffy-achy-itchy-watery-yucky symptoms with some good ol’ snacks and meals. Sounds way more fun than popping an antihistamine, right? We agree.


Containing quercetin, cauliflower is a tasty (and healthy!) veggie that can help combat allergy symptoms. Quercetin blocks your immune system cells from releasing histamines, which is what causes your pesky allergy symptoms in the first place. Cauliflower is great raw as a snack (try it with hummus!) or look up some fun recipes like cauliflower mash or grilled cauliflower “steaks.”

Collard Greens

Those of you raised outside of the south may not know about this leafy green but you should! This superfood is rich in carotenoids, which can also block histamines. Try some of these greens lightly sautéed in olive oil.

Green Tea

Around since ancient times, green tea is always on health-focused food lists and for good reason. Among its many benefits, it actually contains antihistamines. Start your day with a cup of warm green tea and add a squeeze of lemon.

Fatty Fish

Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids can help decrease allergic reactions. Salmon and tuna are excellent sources of these omega-3s. Wild-caught Alaskan salmon, freshwater Coho salmon and Atlantic mackerel are great choices.


Fresh garlic is known for strengthening the immune system, but did you know a stronger immune system often translates to lowered allergic reactions? Roast garlic with vegetables or add some minced garlic to soups and dressings.


The probiotic superstar, kefir is a yogurt-based drink that can increase the amount of healthy and helpful bacteria living in your gut. Not only does this benefit digestion, it can reduce your body’s allergic response. Look for kefir at your local grocer or health food store.


This heavily debated pizza topping is actually an allergy-fighting superfood. Its active ingredient is bromelain, which is an irritation-suppressing enzyme that also relieves inflammation. Great on its own, pineapple is also delicious when paired with smoked chicken sausage.