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Cold Laser Therapy for Knee Pain

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Are you suffering from knee pain and want to avoid painful shots or joint replacement surgery?  Our FDA cleared Low level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or Cold laser Therapy, which can dramatically reduce musculoskeletal pain and inflammation as well as promote tissue repair, which will help you avoid shots or surgery.

LLLT has been used for over 35 years in Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada and was approved for use in the US in 2002. LLLT has been shown to be effective in a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. In Rheumatoid Arthritis, LLLT can benefit acute and chronic joint pain. In a review of 18 studies, patients reported an 80% success rate in relieving pain. Another study noted a pain attenuation of up to 90%. A study of 40 patients who suffered from Osteoarthritis of the Knee, showed a significant reduction in pain in 82% of the patients. In a report of 1000 treatments with LLLT for a variety of chronic pain syndromes, an overall reduction in pain levels of 70% was established.

 Cold Laser Therapy has been shown to:

* Reduce pain by causing the production of natural pain killer endorphins.

* Reduce inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes that create swelling, redness, pain and heat.

* Enhance lymphatic drainage, which increases circulation and speeds healing.

* Stimulate the release of healing enzymes.

* Release tight muscles that create chronic pain, joint problems, and decreased mobility.

* Increase collagen and produces new capillaries.

*Reduce pain and inflammation, stimulates nerve regeneration and increases the immune response.

*Re-energize injured cell membranes and increases mitochondrial energy by 150%, which speeds and improves the healing process!

*Increase cellular health and energy by increasing production of ATP in cells.

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