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Can Stress Make Me Sick?

By March 31, 2017 January 28th, 2020 No Comments

Stress is something we all deal with in our lives. But have you ever wondered if your health issues are caused by stress?

Our bodies are designed to respond to threats to our health and safety by using the fight or flight response. During this period, our bodies release hormones like adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones speed up your heart rate, which gives you a burst of energy so you can get away from the threat or fight it off. Once the threat is over, the body returns to the relaxed state and the hormone levels lower to normal rates.

However, in today’s society, our body perceives inappropriate things such as work stress, traffic, etc as threats, and activate the fight or flight response. Since most of us cannot successfully rid ourselves of the stress in our lives, our bodies are constantly in flight or fight mode, which means our autonomic nervous system is always activated, never returning to the relax state.

Such stress then manifest itself in physical symptoms, such as headaches, muscle pain, back aches or food, chemical and environmental sensitivities. We can also have problems with chronic fatigue, weight gain, depression, sleep issues and low energy levels.

To be healthy, you must decrease your stress level.  While that may sound impossible, there is a way! We have had great success helping people with decreasing the stress on their body while building their immune system using stress reduction therapy.  This process uses a low level light laser and biofeedback to reduce the stress in the body, thereby allowing the body to heal itself.

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