Pain Management

Do you have any success stories on treating chronic pain and Fibromyalgia?

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Yes, I have numerous but I’ ll share with you a couple of them. Judy F., of Bella Vista wrote: “ When I first came to see Dr. Gibson, I was somewhat reluctant, as I had only seen one Chiropractor previously. On the first visit, I was experiencing excruciating pain in my back from my shoulders down to the heels of my feet. I had been continuously getting worse and worse for the past 10-15 years. The pain was almost unbearable, and all that would happen when I went to the medical doctors, would be that I was given another pain medicine, which only masked the pain and did nothing to help the cause. Dr. Gibson gave me a complete examination and x-rays the first visit and asked that I come back the second time and she would have a plan of action for us to discuss. She was very thorough and laid out a plan for us to begin, which consisted of adjustments, trigger point therapy, diet changes, and supplements. She is a very knowledgeable, caring and kind Chiropractor. In the last 3 months, my symptoms have improved, and I am able to do many more things each day, that I had previously been unable to do around my home. I know I still have a way to go, but with the improvement I have seen I certainly have hope now, which I previously did not think was possible. My energy level has increased, pain is not as persistent and my outlook on life has certainly improved. I thoroughly appreciate Dr. Gibson for giving me back this hope.” Beverly H., of Rogers,” My husband was in severe pain in his lower back, right hip, leg and foot from a pinched nerve and on several pain medications. Our daughter recommended Dr. Gibson and we set up an appointment. Dr. Gibson has been doing Cold Laser therapy on him and in just 8 treatments, he is doing so much better. He is off all pain medicines, can get around with out a cane and his pain level has gone from a 10 down to about 3. We are so pleased with Dr. Gibson, we would recommend her to everyone. Thank you Dr. Jean!” My passion as your doctor is to relieve you of pain and get you back to doing all the things you love to do!! To make an appointment,
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