I have pain in my shoulder. Can you help?

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Well, first I would have to examine you but it sounds like you have locked up your shoulder. It’s called a “scapulo-thoracic” restriction, but I refer to it as a “ locked up” shoulder because it is easier to understand. Basically, the muscles around your shoulder have become so tight that they have restricted or locked up the movement of your shoulder blade. (Your shoulder blade assists in the movement of your arm.) When your shoulder blade does not move properly, the muscle on top of the shoulder and the muscles between the shoulder blades have to do most of the work of moving your arm. Then, those muscles tighten up and fatigue and you begin to feel pain as well as numbness/ tingling down into your arm and into your neck. You can lock up your shoulder from doing a number of things: vacuuming, doing yard work, lifting weights, even using a computer mouse too much. It is basically an overuse syndrome, where you have overworked the muscles and that is why physical therapy didn’t help because a lot of times they think the muscle is weak and needs to be strengthened doing resistance exercises. It is weak because it has been overworked. I cannot tell you the number of patients I see with this condition. For treatment, I perform trigger point therapy on the overly tight muscles to release them. Then, I adjust any vertebral fixations that are affecting the midback, neck, and arm. I can use my hands or an instrument to adjust, whichever you prefer. And lastly, I mobilize the shoulder blade so that it can begin to move properly using a high speed instrument. Once your shoulder blade is moving well, you will regain your strength and can then start doing strengthening exercises. You cannot believe how much better you will feel with this kind of treatment. It works wonders! Call 479-587-0227 for an appointment.