Optimum Performance

Chiropractic treatments are for much more than treating pain; they’re also about optimum performance, health and well-being.

We live our lives through our Nervous System. Chiropractors focus on the Nervous system because it is so important to overall health.  It is the Master system, controlling our health rate, blood pressure, breathing, digestion and even the ability to fight disease.

Chiropractic is important to your health because according to the AMA, 90% of diseases are caused by neurological stress. It is a given that we will always have stress in our life, but it is how we respond to stress and how we recover from it, that says more about our health than anything else.

Chiropractic adjustments help your body adapt to and recover from stress better. At The Gibson Center in Northwest Arkansas, I offer hands-on adjusting or instrument adjusting using the Arthro-Stim adjusting tool.