Foot LevelerFeet are the foundation for your entire body, and are often the starting point for pain. Your feet don’t have to hurt for them to be causing pain somewhere else in your body. The pain in your neck, low back, hips, or knees can be coming from an unbalanced foundation.

The first step to alleviating your pain is to have a solid foundation to support your body. Just like your house needs a solid foundation to give you years of enjoyment,  your body needs a solid foundation when you stand, walk, or run. Stabilizing Orthotics give you the stable foundation you need to help reduce unnecessary stress and strain on your joints. This means less pain both now and in the future.

Not all Stabilizing Orthotics are created equal. Just as the foundation of your house is custom for your floor plan, Stabilizing Orthotics need to be made custom for your feet, and designed for your body. Stabilizing Orthotics that are purchased in retail stores are not custom for your body.  They only support 1 of the 3 arches in your foot, leaving your foundation unprotected. Custom Stabilizing Orthotics from Foot Levelers have a 3-arch support that balances the feet and body, and are individually designed based on the images of your feet.

If you:

  • stand or walk on hard surfaces for more than four hours a day
  • participate in physical activities that put stress on your body
  • have had a prior injury to your knees, back, or neck
  • have joint pain while standing, walking, or running
  • experience pain that makes you uncomfortable doing your daily activities

You may need Stabilizing Orthotics .

The Gibson Center is proud to partner with Foot Levelers to provide state of the art screening of your foundation along with custom made Stabilizing Orthotics made just for your feet.